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Matthew Pye


Matthew loves the classroom and enjoys the 360° views of reality that Philosophy provides. He thought he was quite well educated before he attended a lecture on Ecology, and suddenly understood the true dimensions of the climate crisis. Following the example of Plato, he set up an Academy (in 2011).

Geert Bukkems

Head of The Climate Emergence Lab

Any quick bio of Geert is a difficult task, such is the diversity of the organisations and projects that he has already founded. So, in a world that is eliminating biodiversity at such a terrible pace, it is inspiring to write about someone with a wonderfully diverse biography.

Andreea Pletea

Head of Human Rights & Environmental Justice

Andreea sharpened her human rights & environmental law knowledge through working on international climate change lawsuits. She seeks to address socio-ecological crises through the framework of human rights, degrowth alternatives and exploring the connections between environmental and social justice.

Nicolas Duquenne


Nicolas, when he is not spinning his vinyl discs at 33.3rpm, is rolling the scientific material of the Climate Academy forward. He is passionate about soil, Ecology & Geology, and has grounded the different programmes of the Academy in a rich and firm pedagogical structure.

Rahmina Paulette

Head of MAPA

François Jourde

Lead on Certification

François Jourde has worked as a philosophy teacher in upper secondary schools in France and Belgium. He now works in the field of digital education, education for sustainable development and the professional development of teachers in a European context. His passion: team synergies!

Jules Pye

Lead on Biodiversity research

As a Cambridge Geography graduate, Jules has specialised in examining how climate change affects the cryosphere, biosphere and atmosphere, and how that plays out for global societies on an intersectional level. His particular interest? How to bring this into the public view with impact and traction.

Sara Pastina

Lead on Schools development

Sara, a cum laude graduate in natural sciences, with a focus on ecology, biodiversity, and environmental conservation, is a passionate advocate for the natural world and a determined fighter against climate change. Recognising the climate crisis’ urgency, she is eager to promote the CA expansion.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead
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