How did the project originate?

The WoW project grew out of a project undertaken by students of The Climate Academy at EEBII school in Brussels in 2019. Inspired by Normal Rockwell’s ‘The Right to Know’ (1968), students designed and created a mural on the grounds of their school evoking the rights of young people who will be worst affected by the consequences of climate change. The ERASMUS-funded WoW project builds on this and provides a wide range of ideas and resources to schools, including sot activism projects like mural painting, to provide a focus for integrating climate issues into their teaching and learning.

Helping students combat climate change through journalism, activism and art

The Writing’s on the Wall (WoW) project, supported by ERASMUS+, provides resources and ideas for students and teachers to help them engage with climate change issues using activism, journalism and art. 

During the academic year 2022/23, we will be offering:

  • LEARN Thought-provoking workshops with the Climate Academy’s Matthew Pye unpacking climate science in an accessible way (Nov 22)
  • BE TRAINED Training resources for students in journalism and multimedia production from professional journalists at News Decoder (Oct 22-June 23) 
  • INTERACT A series of interactive webinars with climate experts from around the world asking some of the big questions about the future of the planet (Jan-June 23)
  • GET PUBLISHED An opportunity for students to publish their climate journalism and artistic work online (Oct 22 onwards)
  • WIN AN AWARD A climate storytelling competition for young people hosted by Global Youth and News Media (more info from Jan 23) 
  • FIND RESOURCES Lesson plans, teaching resources and ideas for activism at school (Oct 22-June 23)
  • BE INSPIRED A podcast for educators exploring approaches to climate change teaching (coming in Jan 23)

All resources are available free on this website. You can follow the programme through the year or pick and choose the parts that are most useful for your teaching or learning. More about how the project can meet specific learning goals can be found here [link to flyer with learning goals etc].

To stay up to date with the latest project news please join our mailing list here.

WoW is a collaboration between the Climate Academy, News Decoder and Global Youth and News Media, funded by ERASMUS+


Are you a teacher, a community leader or another type of pioneer? And do you want a wall at your school or community place? Take a look at the Resources section.

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