Climate Education for System Change


The climate crisis is systemic.

It is a product of the way our systems and structures operate.

That requires a radically new approach to climate education.

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A Systems-Informed Approach to Climate Education

Can we really call our children educated if they do not understand the depth and range of the climate crisis?

We need to move away from the traditional approach of teaching about the environment and begin to teach children following a systems-informed approach. This means that learning about the environment is not just about recycling or clean energy, but about understanding how climate change will affect all levels of society, including our economies, cultures, food production and more.

If we teach our children how to think about the climate crisis in larger systems terms, not only will they gain the knowledge necessary to make a difference, but they will also be empowered to become agents of change in their own communities.

Three Pillars of The Climate Academy

Systemic Understanding

The climate crisis is a systemic one and it must be understood within that framework.
This is true for the hard science of what is going on, and all the human systems (social, economic and political) that are in play.
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Civic Service

After establishing a secure understanding, the Climate Academy mobilises students into the civic space at a local, national or global level. In teams, and in collaboration with scientists or leading public figures, the students design and implement projects with muscularity and scalability.
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Systems Entrepreneurship

For open and reflective students, the engagement in the civic space will bring to the surface all the flows and blocks to regenerative change. Puzzling out how best to handle complexity and ambiguity, non-linear development,
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Students & Partners


Our students have made an impact all around Europe. Check out their projects in this reel: