Beyond individual thinking and actions

So much climate change thinking and action is based on individual thinking and actions. This can lead to a simplistic view of the crisis, and a strong sense of disempowerment and guilt. The crisis is a systemic one and must be understood at a systems level.

By orientating students towards a systemic outlook and by mobilizing them into projects with a systems perspective, the Academy offers a safe, creative and empowering framework for young people to engage with the crisis.

An overview of the material covered in the 15-step hybrid course can be found on the Resources page.


All 15 chapters of the Student Guide are written in collaboration with experts.

The core science data is supported by the world’s most eminent climate scientists.


Material cuts through to the key systemic issues.

Provides clear vantage points of the science and the human dimensions of the crisis.

15-step hybrid course builds up knowledge from the essential hard science to the wider human dimensions.


Textbook takes advanced science and makes it engaging and richly informative without compromising on depth or academic rigour.

Students feel empowered and motivated by grappling with the core issues.


Deepens, connects and landscapes the fragmentary pieces of environmental education that students might pick up in their different subjects.

Directly explains and analyses the systemic content