Having an impact

After establishing a secure understanding, the Climate Academy mobilises students into the civic space at a local, national or global level. In teams, and in collaboration with scientists or leading public figures, the students design and implement projects with leverage and depth.

Going beyond just passive learning is critically important. Any moment where the students are actively processing, filtering and reformulating their understanding has a rich pedagogical value. And by sharing their understanding, a small group of students can have a wide and significant impact on the whole school community.

The projects are centered on the science numbers, the responsible reductions of CUTx%, as they provide the solution to stop climate change and nature destruction and secure a good future and illuminate in a direct and reliable way so many of the misunderstandings and injustices involved in climate change.

The Climate Academy works in close collaboration with News Decoder, a global news service for young people. This highly professional organization provides a range of support for Climate Academy students, such as interviewing, reporting and podcasting training resources and one-on-one mentoring with experienced journalists who guide the pitching, editing and publication of articles.

Systemic vision

The authoritative science of the Climate Academy material provides a framework with which the students can reach out to the community with security.

The key science data, vocabulary, metaphors and systemic vision, empower students to publish high level work.

Learning in action

As active learners, when students bringing their understanding and skills the civic space, a steep and deep learning curve is triggered.

Peer teaching, public speaking and event organization quickly advance important skills in communication.


The unique vantage point provided by the clarity of the written resources can inspire students to bring their understanding into the civic space.

The Climate Academy mobilises students into the civic space according to their strongest abilities and interests.


Working on projects in a team brings to the surface the special strengths and talents of each member. It also teaches resilience and collaboration.

The diversity of material and the diversity of output in the Academy allows each student to cultivate their own interests in a constructive community.