Changing the System

“Systems Entrepreneurship” might sound unfamiliar and strange. However, this third pillar of the Academy is what starts to happen when a systemic understanding of the crisis is consistently brought into the civic space.

The Climate Academy helps students to puzzle through how best to handle different institutional and individual challenges. As students confront social and psychological barriers with the delivery of the projects, a wide skill set will be brought into play.

Problem Framing

The Academy helps students to identify hidden assumptions and challenge the status quo.

The Academy supports students in their exploratory thinking and actions, as they seek to establish enduring change at different layers of our systems.

Recognizing Limits

At various moments of their time in the Academy, the students will need genuine resilience and imagination to make the most of all the set-backs involved in non-linear change.

Whilst acknowledging the profound seriousness of rampant climate change, the students can learn to take their role in the game of trying to bring about systems change very lightly.


The students learn how to be resolute about key principles and key content whilst adapting them to different contexts.

The experience of the Academy can enable students to hold their informed views and lifestyle with more nuance and more confidence.


The 360° view of reality offered by the Academy enables students to identify important connections and perspective – both about themselves and the world.

The outward focus of the Academy helps foster humility.