How did the project originate?

Movies for Change was founded by a group of young filmmakers in 2016. They recognized the lack of representation and opportunity for marginalized communities, especially youth from low-income backgrounds.

Our goal is to make films that inspire change and give young people tools to become agents of transformation within their own lives and communities. We strive to create stories that are both entertaining and meaningful, showcasing the power of filmmaking to create positive social change.

Our team is a diverse group of passionate individuals from all over the world, united by a shared belief in the potential of filmmaking to make a lasting impact. We place great value on collaboration, creativity, and hard work, while also creating an environment where it’s safe to learn, grow, and explore.

Currently, we are running Movies for Change projects in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya and Rwanda.

Creating lasting social change through the creation of films

Movies for Change is a project that uses filmmaking to create inspiring and empowering stories. Through our work, we help young people develop new perspectives on life, learn about their potential, and shape a more meaningful future.

We believe in the power of storytelling to evoke emotion and promote positive change. We use film and digital tools to create stories that broaden the perspectives of young people, inspiring them to take action and become agents of change.

What do we do?

  • EXPLORE different cultures and countries through stories that challenge assumptions and destigmatize marginalized populations.
  • INTRODUCE young people to the power of collaboration, creativity and problem-solving by working together on film projects.
  • SHOWCASE unique voices, ideas, perspectives and paths to success that are often overlooked in mainstream media.
  • DEMONSTRATE the importance of communication skills, critical thinking and self-expression in all aspects of life.
  • MAKE a lasting impact on communities through meaningful and long-term engagement.

At Movies for Change, we understand that real-world issues are complex and often interconnected. Through our work, we strive to recognize the intersections between social justice issues like race, gender, sexuality, class, and more. We use our films to explore these topics from a variety of perspectives in order to develop an empathy-driven understanding of the world.

We work together with the following types of organizations:

• Schools and educational institutions

• Non-profit organizations

• Local governments and municipalities


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