Vaida Plankytė
Class of 2015

After a degree in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science, and a Masters in Design Informatics (at The University of Edinburgh), I have been involved as a participant in the Edinburgh Future Institute’s Utopia Lab pilot, which explores the definitions and roles of utopia.
My interest lies in decentralised, healthy technologies that enable communities by encouraging creativity, play and experimentation. In my work, I wish to empower people to explore the ways we relate to the technologies we use. I am also interested in exploring visions of a sustainable future, and the steps we can take to get there.

Nicholas Peroulakis
Class of 2015

Since leaving school, I’ve studied BEng Energy Engineering with Environmental Management at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Despite my background in engineering, I firmly believe that the principle solution to Climate Change is a drastic change in our lifestyles in terms of reducing our resource demand which must be driven by government policy as well as a fundamental shift in public attitude concerning their environmental impact.

Catarina Morais
Class of 2015

After the Climate Academy & I studied International Business Managements. I am now working for the GSA foundation as an Insights Analyst in the Mobile for Development Utilities team. I strongly believe that, along with a shift in thinking and social behaviours, technology is a key catalyser of sustainability, and this is why I invest my time working with innovative practices.

Patricija Marijauskaitė
Class of 2019

It is incredible how a single individual can have a massive impact on your life. I would not be the person I am right now without Mr Pye. He made me realise how precious and valuable our small planet is, and how lucky I am to be a part of it. He introduced me to the importance of climate change and the issues that we as a human race have to face today. He gave me – gave all of us – the opportunity to work with so many inspiring, brave and respected people, people who I would probably have never met myself without his help.

Anna Lancry
Class of 2015

I hope the EU takes the concept of just transition more seriously in the future. I would also like to see: stricter, enforced and loophole-free demands on corporations to decarbonise; transparency regarding outsourcing to developing countries & fossil fuel subsidies and emissions counting.

Asko Halonen
Class of 2016

I think humanity needs theatre now more than ever. We need the social and collaborative aspect of theatre; we need the ritualistic aspect of theatre; and we need the artistic power it holds. Juha Hurme, a Finnish theatre director, summed up the necessity of theatre in one sentence: “Theatre is 2500-year-old empathy training both for the creators and the audience.”
We need to increase empathy in the world, and we need it to reach global politics, when this happens, change will occur. This is all very naïve, but I hold onto it, because the other side of me has lost hope and has to come to terms with the consequences.

Artemisia Goldsmith-Ganzerli
Class of 2015

My decision to study civil engineering was motivated by a desire to apply environmental issues in a practical way and I have focussed my studies as much as possible on sustainable engineering and green building practices. I have also taken an interest in more radical alternative approaches to the built environment such as natural building, which I took a course and volunteered in at a permaculture farm in rural Portugal and which I believe could be incorporated into mainstream projects.

Theresa Fuhrmann
Class of 2013

… Not a single ecosystem remains unaffected by the rapidly changing environmental conditions that climate change causes. As for the earth’s forests… well, they’re burning. Aggressively, irrevocably, detrimentally. Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul. Let’s actually live like we’re part of this planet, not its mortal enemy.

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