Geert Bukkems



Any quick bio of Geert is a difficult task, such is the diversity of the organisations and projects that he has already founded. So, in a world that is eliminating biodiversity at such a terrible pace, it is inspiring to write about someone with a wonderfully diverse biography. The deepest roots of the crisis are to be found in the rigidity of the current systems of power, thought and capital that block out the rapid regenerative change required.

Ever seen a flower that has grown through a small crack in a tarmac road? Think Geert. He has a superpower: bottom-up regenerative change. His informed, multi-layered, playful projects have a deep diversity and strength that can open up hearts, minds, and communities. Gladly, even though he has a superpower, he doesn’t fly around with his underpants over his trousers.

Contact info
Asten, the Netherlands